The Motherhouse

Maison mèreThe motherhouse of the Sisters of Saint Anne is located in Lachine, a borough of the city of Montreal.

Sisters of Saint Anne
1950 Provost Street
Lachine, QC H8S 1P7

Tel: 514-637-3783
Fax: 514-637-5400
E-mail: admin@ssacong.org
Web site: www.ssacong.org

     The motherhouse is the home of over 250 sisters, about half of whom live in the infirmary. Three levels of government have their offices here: the general (international) headquarters, the province (regional) headquarters, and the local administration. The Marie Anne Blondin Center is also housed here. The Center publishes a quarterly newsletter entitled The Message of Marie Anne Blondin; it also answers numerous letters from the friends of Mother Marie Anne. This Center is open to the public, who can come and pray at the tomb of Blessed Marie Anne Blondin, the foundress, and get to know her a bit better.

     Since 1909 the motherhouse has opened its doors to receive the rich and the poor, the wise and the ignorant, and people of various ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. Hospitality and openness, two values so dear to the heart of our foundress, are part and parcel of the identity of the Sisters of Saint Anne.

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