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Our commitments
As Gospel women, we walk together following Jesus Christ in the world. Appeals and voids to be filled call us to be involved in education, health care, and social and pastoral animation in a variety of settings.


education   education

From the very beginning, the Sisters of Saint Anne have dedicated themselves to education by teaching in parish schools, like their foundress Esther Blondin. Today, still deeply motivated to carry on this ministry, zeal for spiritual and personal formation imbue their efforts wherever they live (Quebec, Western Canada, the U.S., Haiti, Chile, Cameroon). They work in elementary and high schools, colleges and universities. As women of their time, they provide faith education and quench the spiritual thirst of children, young people and adults. They also meet the need for literacy training among immigrants and even their fellow citizens.

Health care

Dispensaire Sainte-Antoine   dispensaire
Health centre in Haiti
Health services waiting room


dispensaire   soins

The Sisters of Saint Anne offer health care services in their community infirmaries and at dispensaries. Led by the compassion of Christ, they also provide listening services and accompany the sick and their family members.

Social and pastoral animation

animation sociale   Animation pastorale

The Sisters of Saint Anne provide mentoring to:

  • Young people seeking to find meaning in their lives
  • Women striving to improve their living conditions
  • Any individual wanting to become more human









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