National Day for Truth and Reconciliation 2021


Indian Residential Schools

It has been said that time heals all wounds. The truth is that time does not heal anything. It merely passes. It is what we do during the passing of time that helps or hinders the healing process.”  Jay Marshall

The recent discovery of 215 unmarked graves near the former Kamloops Indian Residential School adds fresh agony to the decades of trauma endured by Canada’s Indigenous peoples at the hands of those charged with a responsibility of care towards them.  The discovery shocked the nation, as well as countries around the world. 

The Sisters of Saint Anne have a long history of commitment to the education of children everywhere, for their personal and spiritual development, their career opportunities, and their citizenship outreach.  Years ago, with profound sorrow and regret, we came to realize that some of the teaching positions accepted by the Sisters of Saint Ann in British Columbia were destructive for the very children the Sisters intended to serve.  These positions were at four “Indian Industrial Residential Schools.” Kamloops was one of them. 

History now shows that the entire federal school system was conceived with racism and discrimination and was built on systemic violence to Indigenous families and culture.  This is a moment of great darkness as we struggle to find a way forward together.  We carry immense sorrow for having contributed to this tragedy, a sorrow that is lodged within our own hearts.

Please read the following “Statement on Behalf of Congregations of Women Religious Involved in The Indian Residential Schools of Canada.”  It captures something of what we wish to say today, during this new moment of facing up to the past with eyes and hearts set on the present and the future.

On Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the Royal BC Museum (RBCM) and the Sisters of Saint Ann announced the signing of a: Memorandum of Understanding regarding the Archives of the Sisters of Saint Ann.

We are also providing a

  1. Letter of Explanation to the Memorandum of Understanding

  2. The Press Release about the SSA archives and the RBCM (Royal British Columbia Museum)

  3. Brief history of the SSA involvement with the Indian Residential Schools

  4. Brief history of the SSA commitment to the spirit of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

  5. NCTR to work with SSA to identify and transfer residential school records - NCTR



Sustainable development: The 17 goals

On September 25, 2015, the United Nations adopted a new development program consisting of 17 goals. All countries, institutions and peoples will be working toward these goals for the 2030 horizon. From 2012 to 2015, we took part in United Nations discussions and surveys and sent feedback to contribute to defining the kind of world we want and the new agenda for development with a set of 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2015-2030.




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